About Us


At Solveat we integrate herbal medicine directly into ordinary foods, making them extraordinary functional foods!


We do this by introducing innovative and highly technological herbal compositions that target high-impact medical conditions.

Our first target is prediabetes, which affects hundreds of millions worldwide and eventually leads to diabetes – a devastating disease that significantly impairs patients’ quality of life and is responsible for 5 million deaths every year.

Meet the Team

Our team of experts combines vast knowledge and experience in Western and herbal medicine, science, technology and innovation.

Udi Peretz, MSc
Management, Biotech.
Co-Founder & CEO

Tal Naveh, Dipl.Ac.CH.

Co-Founder & CTO

Prof. Xia Long

Chinese Medicine

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Dr. Zacki Nudelman

Pharmacist, PhD, MBA
Business Development

Dr. Orna Levin, MD

Medical Advisor

Yair Darel, MSc

Chocolatier, ORNAT
Technology Advisor

Prof. He Yuxin, MD Herbalist


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